This elegant ring features its 1ct Cubic Zirconia solitaire stone setting with 6-Prong design, simple and never goes out of style.

The classic design represents cherish, trust, respect, tolerance and responsibility in one relationship. Perfect as engagement ring, wedding band or promise ring.  

Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Wedding Engagement Rings

The classic style gorgeous engagement ring with 6-prongs 1 caract solitaire CZ diamond, is perfect for wedding and engagement. Made for you! Nice Gift for Your Girl on Graduation!
? Material : AAA Cubic Zirconia
? Metal Color: Rose gold/ White gold
? Width: 2mm
? FREE one velvet bag



This is the perfect ring for me! It's simple but yet classy, elegant, and beautiful. It doesn't scream fake at the same time. This could really pass as the real thing. The rose gold really compliments my tan complexion. The prongs are perfect (I've read other reviews where people had uneven prongs maybe they received a bad one). What else can I say? Oh and it shines like a freaking star especially when it's in sun light you could blind your enimies with this thing. When you wear this people will notice that's how much it stands out. I just got this so I haven't had problems with the color changing but I had a similar ring like this I bought from Amazon I had it for 2 years the trick is to take EXTRA CARE of it, take it off when you sleep, take it off in the shower, or when you have any type of water activity, washing dishes , etc. if you take care of it the color should be fine. Put it in a nice jewelry box or ring stand or something that doesn't catch moisture and you should fine! :)

This is a lovely ring, and it's impossible to tell the difference between a diamond ring and this cubic zirconia ring. It sparkles like a real diamond. And it arrived just 3 days after I ordered it, even though I'm not a member of Amazon Prime nor did I pay for quicker shipping. I will definitely be ordering again. Very, very pleased and would recommend this to anyone. The ring is small and dainty and it is absolutely lovely.