Graduation Party Banner – Extra Large 71” x 40” - 2018 Congrats Grad Decorations & Supplies - Graduate Cap Design

71x40 inch Graduation Banner. Party decoration to create a fun atmosphere for friends and family.
Large message to give congrats to the grad. Enjoy the delight of making the graduate feel special.
Graduation party supplies 2018 for women and men. College, high school, nursing, doctorate and kids.
Light, strong and sturdy material, prevents tears. Reuse for future parties to save on replacements.
Eye catching decor and design for events, to create priceless and unforgettable memories.


This banner was actually perfect for a themed party at work
This banner was actually perfect for a themed party at work! It was just big enough to be hung over the entire room and durable enough for it to be used again. Complements the other colours of the decorations in the room as it's neutral and blends right in. Would definitely recommend for any functions and graduation parties.

Affordable banner....effective celebratory display! Worth the pricing and still catches the eye!
This banner is fantastic! It's large enough to create a display and have effect but small enough to not be too intrusive or need massive amounts of space! It's colorful and cute and really splashes with the stars. Perfect banner and great price!

Must have decoration for your grad!
This banner is super cute and a must have as a decoration for any graduation party! It is easy to hang up and looks great indoors and outdoors. I can't wait to use it at my brother's graduation party!

still amazed how big this was in person
still amazed how big this was in person. the material is thick and wont tear easily by mishandling it. i guess a real world comparison would be to those quality reusable supermarket bags, the ones you pay for.

what i would have liked to see was reinforced holes on the corners to make it easier to hang, but ill have to hope for the tape to stick.

definitely can be reused, if not for its original purpose; but maybe also even as a tablecloth or some such

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