22 DIY Birthday Party Ideas for all ages. These DIY Partys are super easy, inexpensive and all around creative fun..

Party idea 1- is a cookie exchange party so everyone makes a different type of cookie and then brings the batch to the party and then you can swap with different people and kind of get to try everyone's and take a bunch home which who doesn't love that

Party idea 2- is for a spa party which i think is so much fun and so relaxing to do with a bunch of people or a small group of people as well I have actually done a spa yeah box

Party idea 3- I think is such a fun one and that is just a Disney themed party I think this would be so much fun and kind of works for all ages you can do this for a birthday party or just a random you can have people dress up as their favorite character and there's so many fun at seeing things that you could definitely find on Pinterest

Party idea  4- is like a Netflix themed party so you guys can have your friends over you can binge watch a show or just watch something in general this is good again for a smaller group of people just like a sleepover kind of idea but and it's like seems foggy it's really cute because you can do like a bunch of red seems I know items and decor and stuff I think it'd be really cute

Party idea  5- is a super fun one I think this would be perfect for a birthday party or something and that is if DIY Pinterest party so what you basically have to do is just find a cute DIY on Pinterest and then make that at a party or kind of get the supplies and have all your friends make it or make their own version of it basically just a cross party and give you so much fun

Party idea 6- is a motivation party so I think this is perfect if you guys are linking college or something you guys are kind of in the middle of the semester and you're like just drained and work and you want to have something fun and motivating how all your friends over and make inspiration boards was like magazine cutouts or different things like that and just kind of like talked about your goals and like maybe write them down and do all that kind of stuff but a motivation party I think would be so much fun too this

Party idea 7- is perfect for those of you wanting to clean out your closet and maybe acquire a few new items and that is basically a clothing and makeup swap party so everyone in your friend group can bring whatever makeup items and clothing items they don't necessarily need anymore it you guys can swap around a bunch of stuff your old stuff goes to a great home and then you acquire some new items from your friends I think this one's really fun and totally like a good money-saving kind of fun Kate

 Party idea 8- my party idea is totally a classic and I feel like it's going to be fun for any age but I definitely loved it when I was a little bit younger and that is a photo shoot party you guys can kind of set up a decor like background and you got as your set or you can like plan on outside it kind of party so many cute ideas and I think this would be so fun to do a friend because then you can just have a bunch of really well instagrams outer DIY

Party idea 9- is probably my favorite and one I would definitely like to host in the near future and that is a bring your pet party pretty self-explanatory everyone just brings their pet I think this would be so much fun I mean cats and dogs maybe wouldn't get a line of it but it'd be so much fun to have all the pets in like one area like a setting things but like with all your own I think it'd be so cute

Party idea 10- is totally another classic and that is basically just a 90s themed party you guys can do so many different fun things and definitely look on Pinterest if you're interested in doing a party like this I did kind of like a sleepover 90s type of thing so you guys can go check out that video but eating decorating and playing different games all those things would be so much fun to do with this party

Party idea 11- is probably one of the most classy and definitely one I want to host in the future and that is just a brunch party you guys just have friends over and eat delicious brunch it sounds great idea

Party idea 12- I think it's such a fun like being just but very specifically themed and that is just a confetti party so you can have some heavy themes cupcake confetti sing drinks been like decor would be so so cute and so interesting on this one just a confetti party would be great and that perfect for a birthday too

Party idea 13- with summer just around the corner I think a first day of summer party would be really awesome you can have a bunch of being things and just bag get amped up for the summer

Party idea 14- that's good for kind of anytime or as well as a birthday and that is just a tea party everyone can you know we're cute dresses and pets if they want to and you can make little sandwiches and little tea biscuits some different things it would be really cute and them just really fun to decorate as well

 Party idea 15- is super cute and that is just a superhero party I think this would be so much fun does everyone can come dressed as a favorite superhero and make superhero themed food and just something for that so that was a really fun want to definitely look it up on Pinterest if you're interested

Party idea 16- is to have a movie theme party now you can keep this broad and have everyone come as their favorite movie character or different things like that or you can make it specific to one certain movie you can do like a greasing party or a level ends being party all those would be kind of fun especially if you are in Ruby bus

Party idea 17- I promise another cost-efficient one and that is a video game party so you guys already have a bunch of gaming systems and a bunch of game I thought your friends over to have a game party you can play on the Lea as you like dance dance just answer dance dance revelution whatever the kids differing these days and do a bunch of things food and just like really simple snacks I think that would be really fun night

Party idea 18- I think that'd be super fun everyone can wear me on and listen to really great in-use music I want to do that just hear Lisa's music so that's a good idea

Party idea 19- kind of working off that makeup and clothing swap party idea there's also the option of doing a garage sale party so you can broaden it and make it not just clothing and makeup you can have it as like kitchenware if you're old enough to have that kind of stuff that you don't want or decor or different things like that pretty much anything anyone doesn't want anymore bring it to the party and space alone I'll swap it and do a bunch of swaps and then you know you get to go home with a bunch of new triggers this

Party idea 20-is party ideas saw on Pinterest and I thought it was so cute and that is just a milk and cookies party you can have a bunch of different cookies so bunch of different flavored milk or you like milk chicken or something super cute and really simple now of course this one is super appropriate for this time of year and that is it and the school party now you can use any of the previous themes for this but if you want to be something specific for like graduation or something and end a school party is really awesome and a good excuse to have friends over more and little get-together DIY party 

Party idea 21- is a plant party so basically like a gardening party where you guys just like plant flowers and pots or like take succulents make a little terrarium there's so many different options but if you guys do end up planting them in the actual ground it's going to help save the bees and just you know you can feel good as those things are doing and I think it's perfect for this time here

Party idea 22- is a new like party so this is basically just an outdoor party at night which is again appropriate for summertime you can have a bunch of different blankets and things and starry lights and different things that our moon seems I think it's so cute again this is when you're going to want to look up on Pinterest I think it's adorable and it would be so much fun for the summer