This birthday shirt that I'm making from our daughter here are some of the supplies. 

You will need you can pick these up in Hobby Lobby this is where I pick mines up this is just a glitter heat transfer paper and then you also had the inkjet, inkjet transfer to dark paper.

But also print it out the number three because my daughter is turning three and you can just do this on plain paper. 

It doesn't have to be perfect and cut it out I've already completed those steps. 

Okay so now question is at my computer this is my word document this is the image that. 

I want to print on my transfer to dark paper and I created all of this in Word if you have where you can do it. 

My daughter's theme is Sophia so it justice birthday princess Myliah with a picture of Sophia. 

I don't have the number three just because I am using a different pattern to create that three so now that I am finished creating my image to print.

I've already loaded my printer with the papers printing on transfer dark inkjet paper you want to change your paper type.

I just put other matte and jet papers but a lot of printers have the setting to where you can put on all.

You can't iron on papers or whatever mine does it and then for print quality absolute best and that's pretty much all you do and just press.

Okay and go ahead and print with this with this paper you do not have to mirror your image or anything like that. 

You can print right on to the printer paper that aren't on paper okay so my arnold is now printing hopefully it comes out good.

This is actually my first time using the inkjet transfer to dark so we will see together I get okay so it is printing out and it is looking good so far.

I'm not sure but Sofia is looking really good so I'm excited okay guys but this is the finished product with the instant after like I wasted so much paper. 

I come up with another image on there but it's all good I like the way that it came out so we're just going to go ahead and iron that onto her shirt.

Okay so I just have a white t-shirt then I picked up from Walmart for three dollars and 46 cents.

I'm going to take some scissors and cut in it.

Okay so you just going to put it to her liking you also are going to peel off the backing okay so you're just going to peel off the backing and just be careful.

No one's using happen think that might make you wanna trade you're going to place it what everything to be we're going to paste it and all the instructions are in here.

You just read them and it tells you everything.

When it comes to this heat transfer so apply hot dry iron and follow got lives we go different rate artist time are we John stop motion from top to bottom inside.

That full-page 90 second light pressure okay so now I am just pressing firmly to make sure that down.


First instituted for ninety second button is cooled down I am going to go ahead and cut out the number three and it traced the number three.

Is a permanent marker on to the gold aren't on now this gold actually has a plastic thing over it so that's. 

How I was able to just go ahead and trace the three right side up so I can earn it directly onto the shirt.

So I'm just going to cut that out now putting the three out. 

So I'm going to go ahead I've let this cool off but I'm going to go ahead and put that three down place your cutout on the project with the plastic facing up cover with a paper towel or parchment paper.

That your arms - no steam and apply heat for about thirty seconds and then it goes on to say allows the cool slightly gently peel off the plastic cover.

It's a glitter cheeks against the lift or the plastic is difficult to kill remove difficult to remove repeat step two something instructions of transfer Siddharth.

I was a little confused and thinking that it would come somehow this white would not see on here.

So I didn't cut it out the way I would normally cut it out but it's okay it doesn't look bad.

But I am a little upset about it because the instructions make it seem like you can peel even though it doesn't even sound right but it makes it seem like.

A loud fabric to cool completely then smoothly and evenly, evenly pill away overlay paper okay. 

I'm going to go ahead and peel the plastic off of the number three because it is cooled down.

Third birthday shirt normally I would redo it but I'm not going to because I think it feels cute even though it has the white parts on it and stuff.

I can still see but no look of her shirt I like it so I love it no because I would have cut this now bad but I like it...