100 birthday gift ideas

Guys so today's article is 100 gift ideas just for girls and we'll some of them work for boys and if you like this I'm gonna make one for boys in a couple weeks and this is a collab with Bella because I always Club a fella pretty much and so yeah let's get on to the things 


1 poor a camera 

2 to face chocolate palette 

3 OPI nail polish said 

4 adult coloring book 

5 bath bombs from lush 

6 bath and Bodyworks lotion 

7 sandals 

8 phone case or iPad case 

9 a monogram niklas 

10 a naked palette 

11 an EOS lip balm or some US lotion 

12 an earring set or just affair of earrings 

13 and the Ariana Grande perfume 

14 headphones or like beads 

15 candy or chocolate 

16 face masks are like a lip scrub 

17 fuzzy socks 

18 onesies 

19 a mermaid blanket 

20 fairy lights 

21 and a nostalgia glow kit

22 a jewelry organizer 

23 a tapestry 

24 a youtuber merch 

25 a speaker for your phone 

26 their favorite movie 

27 a low key bracelet 

28 a Vera Bradley mini backpack because I have some the big one 

27 we're seeing a lot of people though many 

28 ones it's really cute so da Vega gift 

29 flash tattoos 

30 record player 

31 pajama set and I really like the ones from Victoria's Secret or pink so those are really cute to give to someone as a 

32 make a bag 

33 one of the Tarte palette they just came out with like the Tartelette 

Pro I think yeah that looks really cute and there's 

34 a great hair drill one yeah that wouldn't be cool 

35 some sunglasses what's the brand it's like Kwok we qua something like that but it's really cute 

36 a Beautyblender 

37 a hairbrush 

38 a portable charger because my phone always runs out of power and w of really helpful get for someone whose phone also runs out of power 

39 one of those little they're called tom boards i don't know but not the website they're the little water bottles and really cute some of them some art I don't help with some real cute 

40 a planner and the wrote some really cute ones are like the Lilly Pulitzer one drawings really popular desserts for really cute 

41 a candle and some ones that people like from Bath and Body Works um Yankee if your discard and there's an anthropology you want that like everyone 

42 a sugar scrub I feel like it already said that I don't know 

43 of wreck that Journal that's really cute you like draw on all the pages like make art it's really cool I've seen 

44 a Kylie Jenner lip kit 

45 some wedges those choose 

46 you could get them some cute pillows or like some room decor 

47 that's Body Works bath fizzy at noon 

48 a baking set if they love the cook 

49 a curler 

50 a straightener 

51 a mac lipstick 

52 a subscription box so you can see I'm the beautycon box 

53 some bubble bath stuff 

54 you can get them a wallet and a lot of people like this 

really cute Michael Kors one I've seen a lot um 

55 a bikini 

56 a Pandora bracelet or you could get some charms if they already have a Pandora bracelet 

57 some color pop lipsticks 

58 some of the real techniques and makeup brushes that are like Roy cute 

59 slip birds and some really cute ones from pink and Troy secret if you get purchased you get one for free 

60 a coffee mug 

61 some youtuber books I have seen Dawson write a book 

62 a journal or cute notebook just like a stationary set 

63 SM and Nike shoes 

64 a GoPro those are like fully holding like I think in a nickel under water and do cool stuff yeah 

65 some ranks and this really cute one that like ever I see all over my Twitter and stuff it looks like a princess tiara and that's really cute 

66 some hoodies 

67 of their bands 

68 a pair of Converse 

69 Anastasia of Beverly Hills I try to why there's really cute one I don't know if can you hear that ring I'm sorry if you can um there's this really cute one I think it's called like treasures or something I'll put that and like right over here 

70 if I can find it any the Too Faced Christmas and New York that looks really cute 

71 the raw react pro palette or just any of the Lauria palette 

72 some high-waisted denim shorts it's like a denim shirt 

73 sorry so wildflower phone cases are really cute oh so tumblr and my cool 

74 the flower bomb perfume

75 the spies Adidas shoes 

76 you could get a Netflix account 

77 you get about YouTube bread account 

78 if you get mo Hulu account 

79 you could get have a flower crown 

80 get of a mermaid crown 

81 a Victoria's Secret rope the fashion show roasts are so cute or you just get them like any rope puts webs are cute um 

82 flower 

83 a camera

84 a cat 

85 you could like name a star after them 

86 to give them a Sephora gift card 

87 a birthday tshirt

88 Bath & Body Works gift card 

89 an ultra gift card 

90 and Urban Outfitters gift card 

91 a pink gift card 

92 a Victoria's Secret gift card 

94 Amazon gift card

95 some good smelling like shampoo or conditioner 

96 an iTunes gift card 

97 a brandy melville gift card 

98 acrylic organizer 

99 a laptop cover or a laptop keyboard cover and I'll hydrido puppy coz puppies aren't cute

100 and like who doesn't love their puppies I like puppies alright I think I got through everything  what if I accidentally miss one cuz I was this one kiddo knew it alright that was everything